A Clandestine Conversation where couple Beatrice + Osa take it to the mic to discuss the behind the scenes of what it takes to CULTIVATE a healthy, grounded, and solid relationship rooted in TRUST, love, and faith in God.

I have come to find what the experience of SO MANY in love, dating, and relationships is, is CONFUSION.

Something I have heard soo many people talk about– both single and in relationships– is that they wish they had someone growing up to teach them and show them what a healthy relationship looks like.

What it looks like to trust– how to even KNOW when to trust someone in the first place.

What love ACTUALLY looks like.

What it actually looks like to let God LEAD the relationship.

I’ve had many conversations with women who can’t tell the difference between when they’re being led to someone who is healthy from them or when their TRAUMA is leading them right back to their old ways.

I’ve had many conversations with women who WANT to trust their partners and WANT peace in their relationship but constantly find themselves in loops of arguments and FEAR that has them feeling more separate and ANXIOUS about their relationship than grounded and rooted in love.

I’ve had conversations with my boyfriend where he tells me so many men also have difficulty with knowing who to trust in the dating scene– and many even losing hope in the dating process as some are left to wonder…

“Is what I want REALLY out there in this day and age? Does it still exist?”

Because LOVE is the name of the game and that is what it’s all about.

A familiar echo I hear from women themselves.

And it became clear to both my boyfriend and me that both men and women in the dating and relationship world have experienced so much hurt in their PERSONAL experiences 

and have felt unheard from EACH OTHER...

 They are no longer hearing EACH OTHER. There is DIVISION between men and women that was never meant to exist.

And rather than watch as the chasm continues to widen, we decided we wanted to be a part of the conversation and the impact of the gap between not feeling heard and turning against each other in relationship CLOSING.

Osa and myself decided to create Off the Record to bring restoration, hope, CONNECTION, love, and TRUST BACK into your dating life and BACK into your relationship.

Off the Record is a return TO LOVE and CONNECTION.

  • Anyone single or in a relationship who is dissatisfied with the current status of their romantic life- their ability to trust, their ability to be vulnerable, their ability to find a committed partner, emotional unavailability, the DOUBT they feel in their relationship etc. Who is ready for LOVE and TRUST to pour in.

  • Anyone single or in a relationship who feels confused between social media and their upbringing about what a healthy relationship actually looks like and who is curious to learn what healthy COMMUNICATION actually looks like in a relationship, and what love ACTUALLY looks like in a relationship

  • Anyone single or in a relationship who desires to experience REAL love, connection, TRUST in their relationship.

Who is this for

  • Anyone single and interested in LONG TERM partnership who is interested in learning HOW to go about the dating process to learn what to actually look for to find a healthy + committed partner

  • Anyone single or in a relationship who desires to increase their ability to be vulnerable and to communicate effectively YET compassionately with their partner/those they date

  • Anyone curious about having God at the center of their relationship. Please note: While we do talk about our faith in God in episode #2 and how it plays a role in our relationship, this is ABSOLUTELY open to anyone of any faith (in fact we would LOVE to see people of all faiths join this audio experience!)

Who is this NOT for

Anyone committed to the idea that things CANNOT work out for them in love and dating

Off the Record


🎙️ 4 audio recordings with Beatrice and Osa (Each 60-75 minutes in length).

You will get access to the FIRST episode immediately upon purchase and the following episodes will be drip-released to you every 2 days until you receive all 4 to give you time to soak up all the learnings!

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🎙️ Intro video with both Beatrice and Osa
Sharing their heart around the offer and how to utilize the recordings to experience REAL impact in your dating and/or relationship life

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A welcome from Beatrice and Osa
An overview of what the episodes are about and what to expect
Why we created Off the Record
How to best utilize this offer in order to get REAL results in your dating life/relationship

Intro Visual Mini Episode

A Behind the Scenes look at

episode 1

episode 2

episode 3

episode 4

A BTS LOOK at how we approached dating BEFORE we were in a relationship

What qualities we both focused on in the dating phase, the perspective and mindset shift necessary to stay COMMITTED to those qualities 

the HUGE impact the qualities of the partner you select will have on the HEALTH + level of TRUST in your relationship

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episode 1

episode 2

episode 3

episode 4

A BTS LOOK at how we stay COMMITTED to each other EVEN DURING hard times and times of doubt.

The things we DON’T do (As well as the ways we choose to communicate!) in arguments and disagreements that has led to us never having an argument last longer than one night. (At this point, we can resolve any disagreement VERY quickly– they don't last long)

In this episode we also cover the role of Our faith in God in our relationship and how Christ being at the center of our relationship has helped us get through hard times, arguments, and challenges in our relationship

episode 1

episode 2

episode 3

episode 4

A BTS LOOK at how we have WORKED ON and BUILT strong methods of communication through lowering our egos and learning out to LISTEN to each other.

Why we use PREVENTATIVE communication in our relationship rather than burying all our feelings and blowing up on each other and HOW to do this in your relationship

The method Osa came up with to help us make sure our love language is being met (this will change your relationship!! No more arguments about not receiving enough words of affirmation!)

How to communicate with your partner about your needs and desires that doesn’t result in you feeling like a broken record and nothing getting done

episode 1

episode 2

episode 3

episode 4

A BTS LOOK at the roles of masculine and feminine energy in our relationship

Where we think people get it wrong with masculine + feminine energy and how this actually HURTS relationships and your ability to find a partner (this may surprise you!!)

A conversation about how to connect with the feminine from Beatrice and how to Connect to the Masculine from Osa and vice versa! (This is JUICY let me tell you!)

Testimonials from past students and clients about how my work has impacted their love lives:


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