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My Mission

My Vision

Using spirituality, astrology, feminine + masculine energetics, and manifestation to get women aligned with their desires and deep levels of self-trust with zero guilt.

A world where women trust their intuition, live in abundance of self-acceptance, and feel more than worthy of calling in the life and the love they desire.

I'm Beatrice

I am an embodiment coach + host of the self love fix podcast 

When I’m not on my roller skates or checking out local tea shops, you can find me helping my clients rise up to embodying DEEP levels of self-trust, radical self-acceptance, and transformational intimacy with themselves + in their romantic relationships.

- an astrologer
- a lover of perfume
+ matcha green tea

hey girl!

Hey girl!

When you fall madly in love with yourself- your life will never EVER be the same.

something magical happens


Becomes possible for you.

In fact, in the past couple of years, my life, my relationships, and my career, have completely shifted in the best way as a result of diving deeper into my body, immersing myself into deep levels of self-trust, and re-writing my limiting beliefs. 

i decided, 

To step into my own agency

After years of feeling like the passenger in my own car on the road of life. I didn't always embody self-love or self-trust though.

Oh no, in fact, let's take a walk down memory lane...

I lived at the mercy of what other people thought about me.

On nearly everyone that walked into my life. I had no self esteem and I was terrified of making mistakes. Perfectionism ran my world

I was codependant

most of my life

I experienced during grad school where I asked myself, “Where does your need for perfectionism come from?” that everything changed. You see, this was a critical moment for me. For the first time in my life, I asked myself about the origins of my behavior instead of blaming myself for them.

it was only during a very low point

I realized the woman I was always searching for.

From that moment on, I realized

I just had to dig in and find her and free her

 The woman I had always wished to become was always within.

Now, I want to help you do the same. My vision for you is that you remember WHO. TF. YOU. ARE.

I hope you embody your true essence and that you get so deeply immersed in your body + your desires that you begin to see your life experience finally reflect what you've always hoped for. 

I'd be honored to help you step into your agency

start your journey



Ask Beatrice to speak at your event!

Beatrice is available to guest speak on topics of Astrology, Self - Trust, Childhood Trauma, Self -Acceptance, Manifestation, Self-Trust,  AND MORE!

Email the team at hi@beatricekamau.com. Please note, Beatrice is not accepting pitches for guest speakers on her podcast, the Self Love Fix at this time. Guest speakers are hand-selected.

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