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A mini-course designed to coach you through heartbreak from exes, lovers, “situationships”-you name it- so that you can find strength in your own worthiness and get connected to what you deserve. 

Heart healing 101

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I'm Beatrice

embodiment coach + host of the self love fix podcast 

I am here to help you release codependency + limiting beliefs so you can  form a DEEP, trusting relationship with yourself, your body, and feel safe enough to receive love.

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You were made for MORE

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MORE than letting life passively “happen” to you. 

You were made to feel to express + to experience AUTHENTIC intimacy with yourself and within your romantic relationships.

You were made to expand, immerse yourself into DEEP levels of self-trust, + to fully trust your guidance.

You were made to manifest your desires with certainty and with ease.

You were made to have it all.

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Ask Beatrice to speak at your event!

Beatrice is available to guest speak on topics of Astrology, Self - Trust, Childhood Trauma, Self -Acceptance, Manifestation, Self-Trust,  AND MORE!

Email the team at Please note, Beatrice is not accepting pitches for guest speakers on her podcast, the Self Love Fix at this time. Guest speakers are hand-selected.

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