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If you’ve been through a traumatic childhood and/or past relationship and find it difficult to trust your intuition to make decisions without feeling guilt, shame, + a low sense of self-worth, look no further.

Self Love Over Codependency is here to help you transform anxiousness, unworthiness, and people pleasing energy into unshakable TRUST within yourself.

Self Love Over Codependency LIVE is a self-study course and group coaching course hybrid ran as a live program 1-2x per year.

Self Love Over Codependency 

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If you would like to enroll for the LIVE version of the program. Enroll in the waitlist below to be the first to know when the program begins enrolling Spring 2022. (includes course, a private Facebook group AND bi-weekly group coaching calls)

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4 month group program

If you’re single, have high standards, but find that you aren’t ACTUALLY attracting the types of men you desire to be with. It’s time to join the Woman of Desire. This is for the woman who isn’t new to her healing journey but is READY to elevate her dating life.

Say goodbye to feeling frustrated and disappointed, swiping left on nearly EVERYONE on your dating apps and say hello to elevating your dating life + attracting the amazing relationship that truly meets your desires.

The Woman of Desire

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This is for you if you are ready for immersive and revolutionary 1:1 coaching that helps you unlock the powerful version of you that you’ve been waiting to meet for far too long. 

Whether you are looking to DEEPLY trust the guidance of your intuition, drop into the abundant energy of certainty with manifestation, or cultivate authentic + DEEP intimacy with men in dating, 1:1 premium coaching support with Beatrice is your fastrack there. Packages start at $9000. Message me for details.

Private 1:1 Coaching

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Not quite ready for support at the coaching level but still looking to be supported in your healing journey?

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Don’t worry, I got a little somethin-somethin up my sleeve for you.

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