The 4 month live group program for smart single women who are ready to go from frustrated, hopeless, and single to manifesting a loving relationship with the high value man of their dreams.

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Become IRRESISTIBLE and MAGNETIC to dating the men that MEET your standards

Have fun being pursued, cherished, + DEEPLY valued in your dating experiences 

Drop the anxiety + fear around how he feels about you or if he will “choose” you

BECOME the woman men are dying to have choose THEM

Become the woman whose ENERGY requires nothing short of consistent communication, planned, thoughtful dates, affection and romantic gestures.
and ultimately the CHERRY ON TOP… you will MANIFEST the relationship of your dreams.

This program will STRETCH you and CALL you into a higher version of yourself– into the woman who FREELY WELCOMES and RECEIVES being deeply LOVED for who she is and a man’s DEVOTION that permeates every ounce of her being. 

During our 4 months together, you will: 

The Weekly Breakdown
(what we will cover):

Week 1:

Orientation and Healing the Wounded Inner Feminine + Inner Masculine

Week 2:

Ego Work + Shifting into the Belief that You Can Have the Relationship You Desire (You’ve NEVER done ego work like this before!)

Week 4:

Group coaching/ Q+A

Week 5:

Intro to Shadow Work + Discovering What Has Been Holding You Back from Manifesting the Relationship You Desire

Week 6:

Manifesting the Relationship You Desire made EASY with Human Design + Shadow work

Week 7:


Week 8:

FEMININE ENERGY + breakING DOWN your walls, feelING worthy and SAFE in receiving love + emotional intimacy.

Week 9:

Group coaching/Q+A

Week 10:

Get CLEAR on your deal breakers and Learn how to confidently HOLD and maintain your standards and BOUNDARIES in dating

Week 11:

Break DOWN your walls and feel worthy and SAFE in receiving love + emotional intimacy.

Week 12:


Week 13:

(No more micromanaging the universe!)

Week 14:

Learn how to DEEPLY TRUST your intuition and to TRUST your ability to choose the RIGHT type of man without compromising your DEALBREAKERS.

Week 15:

Drop into the EFFORTLESS feminine magnetism that will have men INSPIRED to PURSUE a relationship with you.

Week 16:

Learn how to drop the unworthiness around RECEIVING help and support and learn to TRUST in a man’s ability to meet your needs.

Week 17:

The final Q+A and The Celebration

Week 3:

All things Men + Understanding How to Connect with them

“Before the Woman of Desire, I attracted men who were fun and educated and attractive but emotionally unavailable. I feel as though I have opened up the pool of dating for myself and attract men who are interested in committed relationships… My biggest gain from the Woman of Desire has been…

A new HEALTHY relationship!! And clarity on what I want.”

- Ashley, Woman of Desire, Cycle 1

“Before WOD I would attract a lot unavailable men - emotionally so and otherwise. Through the program, I was able to see how I was unconsciously attracting these men. I was attracting what I was available for. I think that awareness really helped to shift my mindset and helped me ask myself ‘What do I want to be available for? What kind of men do I want to be available for?’

My confidence and sense of worthiness has definitely increased since joining WOD. Just being able to get to know myself better and accept all parts of myself has helped me feel more complete. Also letting go and not attaching myself to the outcome has allowed me to be more confident because I am no longer constantly worrying about everything all the time but instead I can assure myself that it doesn't have to mean something about me.”

Estefanie, Woman of Desire, Cycle 1

Here's what past clients. have to say about their coaching experience with me:


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12 monthly payments of $164 USD

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4 months payment plan


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6 months payment plan


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What time will the calls take place?


Calls will take place Wednesday evenings weekly. Calls will likely routinely take place at 5 PM PST Wednesdays but may be adjusted if needed. These will take place over zoom. We will begin September. 

What happens if I cannot make a call?

No need to worry! You'll be able to catch the replay in the Facebook group within 24-48 hours of the live calls.

If I am in a relationship or am newly single can I take this course?

This course is largely focused on single women who are ready to call in the relationship they desire. If that resonates with you, this is the program for you .

I'm in my 30's+, is this for me?

Yes, this is for all adult women over the age of 18 who are ready to up-level their dating lives. Manifestation knows no age or bounds.