It’s time to feel unshakably confident in the game of self-trust and win every time with 0 doubt & 0 fear. It’s time to remember who. TF. you. are.

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Nothing Was the Same Week

Shift out of the worry, fear, & low self-esteem that stems from codependency and into next level worthiness, confidence, and unshakable security in who you are.

 Bye gaslighting! Bye guilt and shame! Bye self-doubt + imposter syndrome!

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People-pleasing, self-doubt, CODEPENDENCY and perfectionism have a funny way of keeping us small, making us forget who we are.

They keep us walking on eggshells, feeling like frauds and imposters, and feeling like everyone else has it figured out except.... us.

What if I told you, you no longer have to play small, suffer in silence, and be a victim to the childhood emotional trauma from your past?

What if guilt and shame is NOT supposed to have any place in your life?

It’s time to let go of everything you THOUGHT was true about you.

It’s time to reclaim who you really are.

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nothing was the same week

Day 2 9/14

“Own it”

Unlocking next level confidence, self-love, and high self-esteem

Day 3 9/15


Get fully anchored in your intuition & DEEP, unshakable levels of self-trust

Day 4 9/16

Day 1 9/13

"Hold on we're going home"

Reparenting & a return to who you are OUTSIDE of childhood trauma and people pleasing

"Furthest Thing"

Shifting into the belief that EVERYTHING is always working out for your highest good





an entire week of powerful *and free* live, online events in our secret, pop-up facebook group from Monday, September 13- Thursday September 16 where I will cover:

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nothing was the same week

WHAT past attendees are saying about nothing was the same week 


Hi! My name is Beatrice and I am a self-love & embodiment coach, the host of the Self Love Fix Podcast, a survivor of childhood narcissistic abuse and a former codependent. I used to struggle with people-pleasing, self-doubt, perfectionism, trusting my intuition, and putting everyone above myself DAILY.

I had no idea what my needs were, how to make decisions without asking everybody and their grandma and their mother first, and how to trust my own reality. I struggled to see myself as worthy and CONSTANTLY had intrusive thoughts in my head about how I was ugly, how I annoyed everyone around me and lived in FEAR that people would abandon me or leave me- I was always WAITING for a ball to drop and for someone to be mad at me and then just *poof* disappear and give up on me.

Self-doubt was how I ran my LIFE.

And then once I started to do the inner work, EVERYTHING changed. I started to fully love all parts of myself- even the unfavorable ones. I started to no longer feel responsible for how other people felt, and I stopped overthinking and doubting everything I did. I learned to flooow.

I began to feel worthy, I began to TRUST my intuition and my feelings, and I no longer believed a single thing I learned in childhood. I shifted and I watched the world around me shift as people finally began treating me the way I only dreamed I would be treated. I watched as people respected my boundaries, treated me with love, softness, and compassion, and validated my feelings. NOTHING was ever the same.

My work is to help you see the same is more than possible for you too.