a 4 month group coaching program

Designed to get you deeply immersed into your body and your worthiness so that you can call in the abundant, expansive, & limitless life you desire and deserve.

who is the

embodied womxn?

A womxn who feels worthy of her desires even when they aren’t “practical” or “logical” and even when she didn’t do anything to “earn” them.

The type of womxn who is so interwoven in her self-belief that she leaves behind anything that is no longer aligned with her with zero guilt- that means jobs/positions she no longer feels passionate about, a relationship that’s no longer serving her, you name it.

A womxn who is deeply led by her intuition so much so that she makes decisions based on the trust she has within herself, not what everyone else suggests.

A womxn who understands she doesn’t always have to be “strong” and have it “all together”. She leans in and allows herself to be seen, held, and received by others.

A womxn who does not let what was in the past determine what is and what will be in the future.

A womxn who understands that if she desires it, it will manifest without a doubt. Whether she desires more financial abundance, love, a better job, or anything else imaginable, she knows she doesn’t have to question it, it’s already coming to her.

A womxn who allows herself to be fully supported by others without guilt.

A womxn who sets boundaries because she respects her inner world and knows she is worthy of deep reverence.

the EMBODIED womXn
program IS FOR YOU IF...

"you've been reading along and you've possibly rolled your eyes and said, "that could never be me"... but what if it could be?

You have been dedicated to your personal healing journey but wish that you had other people to reach out to for support and community, especially on your bad days. You’ve been doing this on your own for a while and you are ready to be fully embraced and supported.

You find yourself with many of the tools to work through inner child healing but struggle to set boundaries and find yourself experiencing fear, freezing, or finding excuses not to set boundaries when you need to most.

You find it difficult to express yourself and honor your voice. You have so many ideas, thoughts, and beliefs but feel like you cannot express them.

You want to manifest more money, relationships, and happiness into your life but find all the ways to convince yourself it's not possible for you even when it is for other people. You find your limiting beliefs are LOUDER than what you actually want- they are running the show.

You find it difficult to trust yourself to make decisions and to follow your intuition for fear that you will mess up or make the wrong decisions. You look at the way others make decisions so effortlessly and confidently and wish that one day, you could do the same.

You find it difficult to welcome good things like financial abundance, support, friendships, and love coming into your life unless you work for it. You feel these things cannot come into your life unless you prove you are worthy and do something to “earn it”. 

'My biggest breakthrough was realizing I deserve to be loved even when I have nothing to give. And I don’t have to give to a fault just to get a minimal amount of love' in return.



3 zoom calls per month

up to 2hrs in length

(VALUE $8940)


WEEK 2: Q&A/check in/accountability group coaching calls (Questions about anything are welcome here- whether they relate to the current month’s topic or not. Questions about your trauma or even narcissistic abuse? Your personal experiences? Currently struggling with something? Anything goes on these calls).

Week 3: A shadow exploration/shame-releasing call where we come together and discuss any feelings of shame/resistance you are currently facing or guest expert coaching call.

Access to an exclusive private facebook group where you will be immersed in community & support

you’ll no longer have to be alone in your thoughts and your healing journey.

(VALUE $8940)

Imagine being plugged in to a community who gets it- a community with which you don’t have to hesitate or feel apprehensive to share your thoughts with because they are also on a healing journey right there with you.

but wait there's more!





(VALUE $600)


(VALUE $300)



(VALUE $200)

that you can redeem during the group coaching program


what's included every month

what's included every month

* one live monthly training every month

*one q&A call every month

*one guest expert coaching call or one shadow exploration / shame releasing call every month


Embodying Vulnerability 

I will be interpreting your astrological birth chart as part of this month's embodiment teaching. This month we will be taking down the walls. You no longer have to be "the strong one" the "one who never asks for help" and the one who hides their feelings. It is safe to be open. It is safe to be held and seen.

MONTH three

Embodying Your Ability to Manifest and Receive

We will be going deeper into understanding feminine energy + your ability to feel worthy of recieving what you desire without shame and resistance. Think manifestation made easy + relatable.

MONTH four


Embodying Pleasure, Your Intuition, & Feminine Energy

We will be working through releasing the belief that you have to prove , do, or accomplish anything to be worthy and desirable AND the idea that you aren't worthy of anything unless you work HARD for it/"earn" it.

embodying self trust

Stepping into your unique + authentic voice, + your ability to make and set boundaries.

the ripple effect of joining the

group coaching program?

The Embodied Womxn program (previously known as Embodied) will help you move from just knowing and understanding concepts of self-love, self-acceptance, & boundary setting to finally feeling free, comfortable, and safe enough to embody and integrate them into your daily life so that you can create the life you want to see.

You will learn how to set boundaries without fear and the need to people please, how to receive and ALLOW in your desires & manifestation, and how to stay rooted and grounded in your intuition through the help of guest expert trainings, trainings by me, community, & accountability.

Through community, support, and consistency, we rise and grow beyond our trauma and bloom into who we always wished we had the courage to be. We cannot do this alone. It’s time to choose you. It’s time to choose support. It’s time to choose elevation & integration. It’s time to stop playing small and to get aligned with what you know you want out of life. It’s time to get embodied.

Embodied will have space for a max of 10 womxn in order to ensure a tight knit, immersive, and interactive community where you feel seen, heard, and acknowledged.

meet your coach

Hi! I'm Beatrice! I know what it's like to "be the strong one" 

To never ask for help, to play small instead of speaking up and to put my head down and "just get by".

One day I decided enough was enough and I dared to become a womxn of desire. I quit my very well-paying job to follow my passions, I learned how to set boundary after boundary in my dating life and every day life, I re-wired many of my money stories that told me "you can't have that", and turned it into "it's already mine" (I did that with the current place I live in!) AND I learned how to trust myself to be soft, open, and SEEN with others. I took my hardshell off and learned how to deeply and intimately connect with others. I became fully Embodied and now, I'm here to help you do the same.

“The greatest investment is surely in yourself. Whether you’re doing it to help your inner child heal, be more compassionate and more aligned to yourself...you’re gaining so much more than you can on your own. Also I’ve been surprised multiple times at some of the things I’ve discovered about myself that I didn’t know I was holding.”


investment options


7 month



per month

client experience


"I believe 4 months ago I did have low self-esteem and going through the course allowed me to stand in my truth. The course gave me the space to open up and trust my intuition."

- C.B.

"YOU MUST TAKE THIS COURSE! My cousin has been struggling with self-esteem and trusting her intuition and I suggested this course to her to get to the root of her mind, body, and soul."

- C.B.

is embodied womXn right for me?


If you're not new to inner work but your ready for the next level (getting aligned with your desires and believing you're worthy of them & releasing self-doubt & fear around living life on your terms) this is for you!

(and if you are new to inner work/working through your past childhood traumas I definitely suggest my program Self Love Over Codependency before this program)


Let me ask you this, are you happy with where you are currently at in your life in this moment? Are you connected & grounded within yourself and who you are so much so that you understand your value, where your boundaries lie, and the power of your intuition without question?

Lastly, Aren’t you tired of pushing the codependent narrative of “I have to do everything alone” and struggling on your journey?

Don't be afraid to trust your intuition to make the best decision for you. If you made it this far, I think you know what to do 😉

when are you releasing this program again? can I join next time?

Let me ask you this, can you handle another day of doing this all alone?

Another day of feeling like you have to suppress your voice and your intuition in favor of what the majority thinks?

Another day of letting your limiting beliefs run the show?

Another day of believing you can't have the things you want because "only certain people" can have them?

If not, I suggest you enroll today. Go all in, you deserve this.

In all transparency, it is very likely that this program will not run again until 2022. Now is the time, friend ✨

what if i cannot meet the call times?

I will be sure to schedule call times that are favorable to the majority of the Embodied group members. You will be getting a monthly calendar so that you can see the scheduled times ahead of time each month.

are there refunds?

No way, sis. We don’t do half-in, half-out when it comes to our inner child healing. Embodied is a full-body immersion into all of YOU
Will you say yes to yourself, too?